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December 2011
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Having A Vegan Thanksgiving...WWRD

Thanksgiving is a time for coming together, for saying thanks, and enjoying a tremendous feast, cranberries, yams, and of course the tofurky....well that's if you're celebrating a vegan Thanksgiving.   Rob talks about how to enjoy Thanksgiving sans animal products with Lindsay S. Nixon, author of the bestselling cookbook, The Happy Herbivore Cookbook and Regan Maher, she's project coordinator for Nature's Express a vegan restaurant based in Berkeley, California.

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Mastering the Garage Sale...WWRD

Garage sales can be a great way to make a few bucks from the junk laying around your house.  Rob speaks with Rhonda Franz from the website parenting squad.com about how to maximize profits and minimize headaches.

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Avoiding Being a Wedding Jerk....What Would Rob Do?

Attending a wedding seems like it should be easy; show up, throw rice, eat food.  But being there for your friend and relative means adhering to some guidelines so you don't spoil their big day.  Rob Sachs speaks with wedding expert Susan Schneider, a former editor of wedding magazines  author of the book "The Wedding Writer" for insight on how to have fun without being a jerk.

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Attending an outdoor concert can be tons of fun except when you get stuck behind the most annoying concert goers in the world.  Rob talks to Ben Kessler of the website SeatGeek.com about how to enjoy the outdoor concert experience and shares his tips with Jessica Jordan.

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Avoiding Beach Traffic...WWRD

Heading out for a weekend at the beach is always a fun roadtrip unless of course you get snarled in horrible traffic.   Rob talks with Jessica Jordan about how to avoid the worst traffic coming out of DC and throws in some tips from Adam Tuss, the sprawl and crawl reporter for WTOP News Radio.

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Having your most intimate areas examined by a doctor is unpleasant at best.  Rob chats with his wife Anna about how to best survive these moments weaving in advice from his friend Dr. Jeff Sirota, an internist based in Colorado.

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Making A Viral Video...What Would Rob Do?

Each day tens of thousands of people upload videos to YouTube, but only a tiny of fraction ever wind up going viral and gaining a large audience.  In this episode Rob learns the secrets behind a viral hit with Adam Cole, the man behind "Good Radiation," a music video he made expousing his love of public radio.  The video gained more than 175,000 views and landed him an internship at NPR.

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Coffee shops are one of the last public places in America where folks can lay back and lounge around in a family friendly environment.  But that doesn't mean we should forget our manners.   In this episode, Rob visits Suburban Trading Co. in Kensington, MD to speak with co-owner Andre Cavallaro about what NOT to do when hanging out at a coffee shop.

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Would You Kill & Eat Your Own Chicken?  What Would Rob Do to be a "Conscious Eater"

Some people consider themselves vegetarian or vegan, Rob likes to think of himself as a "conscious eater,"someone who thinks about the meaning and origin of every morsel he puts into his mouth.   To further his understanding of the food chain, Rob visits Jesse Straight's pasture poultry farm in Warrenton, VA to try his hand at slaughtering, processing, and eventually eating his own chicken.   It's an experience he'll never forget.

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